My name is Raquel Ferreira, I’m portuguese and I have a BSc in Communication Sciences – Multimedia branch from the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, and +6¬†years of professional experience.

I’ve completed my degree in 2008, after building a prototype of a Madeira’s tourism related portal as the final project, and after working on the theme “Formatting the Information for the Web,” as the theme for the final degree thesis.

In the same year I started working at ENDU a start up company related to the IT and education fields, contributing with the website, creating graphic tools for the commercial and event planning teams, and with the graphics and interaction of some education management platforms and software we built.

I’ve parted ways after almost a year to work as a Web/Interaction designer at Expedita, an experienced company in software development, to design interfaces and interaction prototypes, giving graphic support to the developers, being responsible for some clients websites content management and validating the interface’s usability.
During the same period I worked in part-time as an instructor in the training center Bemformar, where I monitored several courses in the Design field and content management.

In late 2010, I embraced a new project at Fedrax, to explore new ways and challenging my creativity daily working as a Web designer for an online advertisement affiliation program, creating different promo-tools such as banners, landing pages used in several campaigns and logos.

3 years laterI decided to quit Fedrax to pursue a new venture as a Freelancer.