The symbol is composed by elements used in the programming language, such as the brackets, also forming the walls of the “house”. The “^” represents the ceiling of the house. The typography was chosen by the client, who wanted a sleek and clean font. As for the colors, white, black and the green as the main color.

At first the client wanted the slogan “In love with coding” to be a part of the global image, but we decided to remove the slogan in the final version.


Here, the same concept (the house), but with different elements, such as the ” ‘ “resembling a chimney, and the “Oslo” taking the attention.


I played a bit with the elements, but wasn’t very happy with the “#”…


So in the final version, I switched the circle element by the hexagon, as it plays an important role in the website design. And the slogan was removed, keeping it simple.


cards mockup