I was the co-producer and co-organizer of the Creative Sweet CS.01 event, held in the “The Vine Hotel” . The project is meant to the whole creative community in Madeira Island, that aims to bring together the creatives in the region, particularly designers, by addressing issues of common interest, with playful moments encouraging and promoting creative relationships and synergies.
The conference was led by Drª Katja Tschimmel who introducted, contextualized and interpreted the concepts of Creativity, Ideation and Design Thinking; exploring ideas and explaining the most important factors that enable a system (designer, organization, etc..) to be more creative: creative exercises, cognitive values, emotional, aesthetic, symbolic, social, economic and historical ideas generated.

Teaser | Creative Sweet CS.01 from Young Blood Creatives on Vimeo.

Creative Sweet CS.01 | Synopsis from Young Blood Creatives on Vimeo.

The videos above were filmed, edited and produced by a fellow company: Terminal 7 who I definitely recommend and give my compliments to.